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2015.06.02 Cloud-based phone system integration, TeleSynergy
2014.12.10 Web Service Solution, TeleSynergy
2014.08.30 IP PBX solution customer testimonial, TeleSynergy
2013.04.29 TeleSynergy launches the IP PBX phone recording system AboveDRS
2011.07.01 TeleSynergy and Vintalk announce new partnership
2010.12.10 AbovEdge IP PBX Received IPv6 Ready Core Logo Certification
2009.04.15 TeleSynergy and SIP Trunk Service Provider Partners
2008.10.22 First Google Android phone hits stores
2008.08.01 TeleSynergy unveils a revolutionary TEMPLATE-based IP PBX
2008.05.01 TeleSynergy launches the most affordable, scalable, and customizable "One-User-Interface" embedded IP-PBX
2006.12.05 America's Network_Taipei turns on citywide VoIP project
2006.12.05 Infoworld_Taipei city government turns on VOIP system
2006.12.01 China Post_Worlds largest government VoIP system installed
2006.11.30 TeleSynergy Research successfully implement the world largest governments VoIP system for Taipei City Government
2006.03.01 TeleSynergy launches simple, secure and affordable web conference & remote support appliance V Present2Web.
2006.02.09 TeleSynergy provides the Call Center platform with Overhead Paging System or Auto Paging System.
2005.12.22 TeleSynergy cooperate with APTN in demo application of M-Taiwan.
2005.12.13 TeleSynergy Shanghai Branch Establishes Call Center for Stockstar
2005.11.19 Cover Story: Is the market mature enough for buying IP PBX?
2005.11.11 Telesynergy call center system makes the ERP business of Kingmax Semiconductor Inc. grow and widespread quickly. 2005
2005.09.27 TeleSynergy Successfully Built a Professional Outsourced Call Center in Shanhai
TeleSynergy AbovEdge Seriers product award "Best of Show Award" 2005
2003.11.17 TeleSynergy Switches to NMS Communications for SS7 Gateway; Market Leader's TeleCC7 Built on NMS Technology Assures Highly Reliable IP-Enabled Enterprise Communications

TeleSynergy In The News Communications Solutions
  EXPO Fall 2000 Best of Show Award
Communications Solutions Magazine
  Communications Solutions 2000 Product Of The Year
  Telesynergy Communications Server Provides All-In-One PSTN Connection, Internet Access, VoIP, And CR
Networld+Interop Las Vegas Show Daily
  Linux-based product offers advanced functionality, NAT router
Communications Solutions Magazine January Issue, 2000
  Communications Solutions 1999 Product Of The Year
Computer Telephony Magazine November Issue, 1999
  TeleSynergy wins the Best of Show award at Computer Telephony Expo Fall' 99
Computer Telephony Magazine November Issue, 1999
  Enterprise Comm Servers
Computer Telephony Magazine August Issue, 1999
  Unified Messaging
Computer Telephony magazine July Issue, 1999
  Future Phone System
TMC, June, 1999
  Technology Marketing Corporation's CTI^(TM) EXPO Spring' 99 Names TeleSynergy Best of Show
Computer Telephony magazine May Issue, 1999
  TeleSynergy's turnkey TelePCX Comm Server - CT EXPO Spring 99 Judge's Pick
CTI Magazine May Issue, 1999
  TelePCX wins CTI magazine's Editor's Choice
CTI Magazine May Issue, 1999
  How The PC-PBXs Stack Up - CTI magazine PC-PBX Round Up
Computer Telephony Magazine,
  Best of CTI EXPO Fall' 98 Award - TeleSynergy's TelePCX


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Companies seeking to integrate voice, data and mobile networks are often frustrated by the hidden costs and poor overall value of their IP PBX investment.
Become a TeleSynergy partner today to help your customers 'Mobilize their business' and 'Synergize their work force' and grow your business more profitably. And remember, please do not feed the bears.
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Santa Clara, CA – 2015.06.02 Cloud-based phone system integration, TeleSynergy