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Telesynergy Communications Server Provides All-In-One PSTN Connection, Internet Access, VoIP, And CR

November 6 , 2000

TeleSynergy, a provider of enhanced computer telephony products, announced their new PBX server—TelePCX v3.5—to meet the demands for small to medium sized businesses (SMB) communication.

The Linux/NT based TelePCX is a perfectly integrated all-in-one office communication server that includes advanced PBX functionalities, VoIP Gateway capability, Web Based Unified Messaging System (UMS), Manageable Internet Access with Quality of Service (QoS), and Computer Telephony Integration functionalities for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, providing the mobility, manageability, flexibility, expandability, and reliability for business communication.

To meet the demands of the PBX features, TelePCX provides Incoming Call Handling Management to handle calls for all conditions, such as Operator, Auto Attendant, or directly routed to Interactive Voice Response (IVR)/Fax On Demand (FOD). Call Management allows users to set Call Screening, One Number Follow Me, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, etc. right on the screen. User Console makes all features accessible on desktop screen, such as toggling multi-phone calls by clicks of mouse, record a voice message/phone conversation and send it as an email, Caller ID Call Back, Check Messages, Speed Dialing, etc.. Advanced Voice Mail provides useful options for callers and users, such as Boomerang, Copy Message with Attachment, Forward Message to Designated/All Mailboxes, Future Delivery, Send as Urgent Message, and Listen to voice message in First in First Out (FIFO) or Last in First Out (LIFO) sequences, etc.. Multi-Location capability enables offices in different locations, domestically or internationally, to link together as one PBX system with the embedded VoIP Gateway function to exchange phone calls seamlessly, improving the productivity and efficiency for the internal communication as well as services to customers. To keep the remote users in touch at all time, TelePCX's user-friendly Web Based Unified Messaging System (TeleUMS) enables users to access or retrieve voice/fax/email messages anytime anywhere using any standard browser, or using a phone or fax machine to retrieve voice/fax messages remotely. Using with the "One Number Follow Me" feature, TelePCX keeps the on-the-road employees connected at all time. The unique TelePCX multi-account mail server can also be easily integrated with the email client of most popular personal information management applications (such as Outlook, Goldmine, and Act) using standard POP3/SMTP, to retrieve all messages from all the email accounts pre-configured on the TelePCX mail server.

While providing the Internet Access to employees becoming a must for most SMB, TelePCX allows up to 100 LAN users to access Internet simultaneously through one Internet connection. Web site accessing activity report is also available to assist business owners for easy management of the Internet activities. With the embedded QoS functionality, TelePCX further assures the voice quality of the communication via VoIP between Multi-Location offices.

Providing interactive and responsive customer service is essential to all businesses, however, it is often costly for most SMB to achieve their CRM demands due to the complexity of the integration with most PBX systems. With the unique and comprehensive all-in-one-box architecture, the provided TeleCCO (a high level API) and TeleAPG (a rapid programming tool), enable software developers to efficiently customize computer telephony functions with the required applications on TelePCX platform. TeleCCO is provided for the implementation of Call Center functions, Desktop Call Controls, Personal Information Management (PIM), Web Call functions, or E-Commerce solutions, etc., while TeleAPG is provided for the integration of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Fax On Demand (FOD), etc. With TeleCCO and TeleAPG, Software Developers will no longer need to deal with API programming for Voice/Fax hardware and the complicated PBX operation details, thus, dramatically reduces the time for system integration. Therefore, having a customized Call Center applications or providing a one-to-one customer service solutions to all size of businesses become cost-effective and affordable.

TelePCX is a state-of-the-art communication server for its broad features and unique system architecture. Starting from 4 trunk lines with 8 extensions, TelePCX can be flexibly, incrementally, and cost-effectively expanded to 48 trunk lines with 144 or more extensions. For SMBs, TelePCX will never out grow a business, and is truly a fully Integrated Communication Server for NOW and BEYOND.

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