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Why TeleSynergy?
Most Competitive Price
With TeleSynergy's "Global Embedded Cost Structure," your customer will not be undersold, and you will win deals with comfortable edge.

One User Interface
Learn only One User Interface for ALL your customer’s needs.  Connecting  existing PBXes,  configuring and managing for Small Office, Large Office, Multi-Site Office, Call Center applications, and Mix-Match-Migrate with that easy and familiar interface.

Adapt to whatever customer asks for
Configure the system to adapt to your customer’s way of running their business. With the 800+ features, the most flexible call menu, native applications and easy add-on application interface, you do not have to carry another system to not walk away from a deal.

Mutual benefit relationship
Unlike some direct sale open source community, TeleSynergy do not compete with its resellers.

Support you can rely on
Unlike traditional brand name PBX vendor, TeleSynergy will not  leave you to be on your own. We will work with you to resolve issues and to deal with these five critical successful factors in selling and implementing IP-PBX :
  • Familiar with the traditional voice business
  • Application background
  • Skills in integration and solution oriented
  • Understanding data router, switches, QoS, etc.
  • Help customer change their business process
What Re-Sellers Worry About With Their Vendors

Large Companies with High Prices, Complicated Products, and No Support
Large companies with high-cost organization infrastructure and multiple product lines that require multiple R&D, Sales, Support and Marketing groups, are priced too high for much of the SMB.

And they ask their resellers to prepare themselves with the critical success factors, listed below, in implementing IP Telephony, which most found it’s a mission impossible.

  • Familiar with the traditional voice business
  • Must have good application background
  • Good skills in integration and be solution oriented
  • Understanding data router, switches, QoS, etc.
  • Need to help customer change their business process

Mid-Range Players Who Lack Experience, Expertise, and Execution
Mid-range players, some of them are trying to build VOIP solutions on the Asterisk open source software, others understand some piece of the larger picture and find themselves with hardware but no applications, applications but no scalable hardware, or product lines that serve only limited portions of the market.

Very few has yet successfully homegrown or integrated the level of expertise required, including hardware optimization and manufacturing; software development for SoftSwitch, legacy 800+ features, desktop call control, and add on applications like Predictive Dialing; VoIP QOS, network traversal and troubleshooting; legacy PSTN interface design and troubleshooting, into a complete product line.

  • Software based IP PBX that allows employees working anywhere in the world.
  • Provides VoIP gateway to integrate your existing PBX so you can VoIP enable your several offices without throwing away your previous investment.
  • Allows you to keep using your analog or cordless phones.
  • Every Office has its own independent trunk lines yet they can call each other just by dialing extension number.
  • Scalable from eight extensions to over 1000 extensions ensures the system will grow with your business.
  • IP Contact Center solution.

Local Players Who Are Outdated, Out-Performed, and Out-Of-Business
Local vendors who, although they are well-known within their local markets, do not have the resources or expertise to move from their legacy Circuit-switch based Hybrid or Key System to the VOIP world. - These vendors will fade over the next 3-5 years, leaving a huge market share readily available for the provider with the right product.
Hosted PBX
   service/ Managed
   PBX service

Have a taste of the advanced PBX features AbovEdge offered from our Telephone Company partners.

Hosted service

Managed Service

Phone systems
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Companies seeking to integrate voice, data and mobile networks are often frustrated by the hidden costs and poor overall value of their IP PBX investment.
Become a TeleSynergy partner today to help your customers 'Mobilize their business' and 'Synergize their work force' and grow your business more profitably. And remember, please do not feed the bears.
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