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The convergence of voice and data networks has changed today's business world. A right contact phone system would reflect on the business‘ customer satisfaction, revenue, and the expansion of the business. An office communication solution that fulfills current needs and grows with a business is critical to success in today's competitive business world.

Inbound calls are a critical element of the customer relationship, and the calling experience can have a profound effect on a company’s brand image and market success. AbovEdge’s Contact Central allows inbound calls to be handled efficiently so the caller is connected to the information or person they want as quickly as possible. It also facilitates seamless outbound dialing; all users within the company could make phone calls to colleagues located anywhere in the world just by dialing their extension numbers; to anyone outside the company without changing their dialing habits, yet the calls will be made through the most appropriate route to help the company minimize its telephone bill, or provide a backup route for emergency.

Flexible call handling

Provides the best initial response to customers, while you obtain the most effective allocation of your human resource

Calls can be routed to individuals, groups or offices based on the time of day or day of week. When no one is available, the call can be further routed to Cell phones. Giving customer an easy access to your staff, and ensuring that important calls are never missed.  Incoming calls can also be directed to auto attendant and interactive voice response, then routed to extension group or automatic call distribution.
Direct Dial to Extension
Direct access to individual phones. Each user can be given their own phone number as their own direct access telephone number. Thus providing their customers with an easier way to contact them, and impressing the customers with a greater professional image.
Self Service without "phone trap"
Many companies deploy voice self-service applications in order to enhance customer satisfaction and they also have the potential to increase revenue by expending business hours. When an incoming call is received, the PBX system will route the incoming call according to your customized call flow. With our rich experience of IVR, TeleSynergy can work with customers as a IVR consultant to make sure delivering a satisfied voice self-service not a phone trap.
Seamless Dialing

Least cost routing with destination group assignment and second route backup

Least Cost Routing is just one of the functions AbovEdge™ communication appliance provides. It allows the telephone system to automatically route the long distance call to the most economical telephony carrier, saving money on the long distance bill and reduces the employee's effort in making the calls. It works seamlessly throughout the organization and helps to minimize the long distance telephone bill for the company.

All users within the company can access this function without changing their dialing habits. The user dials the long distance number, and the system will automatically add a leading code which provides the most economical rate. The system administrator can easily store the required data, and the routing information can be updated anytime, whenever changes in long distance rates occur. Easy to use and easy to maintain.

One dial plan for inter-office-communication
AbovEdge™ communication appliance acts as inter-trunk between multi-locations, so agents can dial extension number to reach remote extensions by one dial plan . They just dial the phone number as they always did. AbovEdge™ communication appliance will route the call via VoIP channel according to the routing rule set in AbovEdge™ core .
Hosted PBX
   service/ Managed
   PBX service

Have a taste of the advanced PBX features AbovEdge offered from our Telephone Company partners.

Hosted service

Managed Service

Phone systems
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Companies seeking to integrate voice, data and mobile networks are often frustrated by the hidden costs and poor overall value of their IP PBX investment.
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