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Small Office Large Office Multi Office Call Center
small office large office multi office call center
Under 25 users Up to 1,500 users Regional or global Inbound or outbound
AbovEdge™, the One-Box One-Architecture Communication Appliance, Grows with Your Company
An IP phone system for your smallest needs and greatest aspirations
And Puts You in Control of whom, when and where the call being taken care of.

One Number, Many phones.
Have your own phone number(DID number), so people could call you directly, instead of going through Auto Attendant or Operator. Calls can also be routed to multiple phones, extensions, cell phone or home phone, sequentially(One Number Follow Me) or simultaneously(Ring All).
Intelligently Direct Incoming Call to the Right Person
Calls can be routed to individuals, extension groups, Auto Attendant, or Interactive Voice Response based on the time of day or day of week. When no one is available, the call can be further routed to cell phones. All are done automatically by pre-defined settings giving customer an easy access to your staff, and ensuring that important calls are never missed.
Employees could now telecommute with their IP extensions. The cost-effective & efficient WorkAnywhere solution links the remote IP extension(IP-phone or soft-phone) and the AbovEdge™ system through the Internet by DSL/Cable modem.
Advanced Voice Mail & Flexible Personalized Call Management
AbovEdge™ provides powerful voice mail capabilities designed expressly for the business user. It includes an integrated, feature packed voice mail system providing for a virtually unlimited number of permanent or guest users. Its advanced voice prompted user interface simplifies management of our powerful capabilities.

Individualized Call Management allows each extension user to optionally set personal incoming call handling. Users can activate the the One Number Follow Me function to make themselves be reachable by forwarding their calls to internal or external numbers, with a pre-defined call routing path, at the time they specified. The Do Not Disturb function transfers all calls into voice mail without ringing the extension. The Message Notification function will then kick in to alert you that someone has left a message. AbovEdge™ allows you to handle calls for almost all kinds of situation that meet your requirement with ease and flexibility.

The integrated, feature packed voice mail system can further be extended to serve virtually unlimited number of permanent or guest users by providing full- functioning virtual extensions for key customers, contractors, off-site workers and the mobile workforce.

Least Cost of Ownership

Easy to use self administration and maintenance utility for Move, Add and Change. AbovEdge's™ easy to use single point administration utilities reduce the number of technical staff required to operate the system. It allows customers concentrate on their key business activities rather than technology integration and managing systems with different and often confusing and conflicting user interfaces.

To customize or amend the system greetings such as business hour greeting, holiday greeting, simply use the phone set at hand, dial into the AbovEdge™ system, follow the voice prompt to record the new messages over the phone. It is all under your control.

AbovEdge™ gives you the flexibility to upgrade and expand your system as your business grows or the needs of your business change. From 3 to 1000 users, one location to multi- location, AbovEdge™ is a feature-rich All-In-One communication appliance that is the most affordable in the smallest configuration and allows the phone system to grow with your company.

  • VoIP as trunk, with DID capability
  • Flexible incoming call handling
  • Remote extension for telecommuters/field sales
  • Virtual extension with advanced mailbox features
  • Unlimited Voice Mail Boxes
  • Voice Mail as e-mail
  • Affordable and ready-to-use Applications:
    • Virtual Office
    • Office Hoteling
    • Secretarial Service
  • Line Status Easy Monitor
  • Self-manageable & easy maintenance
  • IVR applications for vertical market like consulting service for law firm and/or appointment system for clinics.
Hosted PBX
   service/ Managed
   PBX service

Have a taste of the advanced PBX features AbovEdge offered from our Telephone Company partners.

Hosted service

Managed Service

Phone systems
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Companies seeking to integrate voice, data and mobile networks are often frustrated by the hidden costs and poor overall value of their IP PBX investment.
Become a TeleSynergy partner today to help your customers 'Mobilize their business' and 'Synergize their work force' and grow your business more profitably. And remember, please do not feed the bears.
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