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Small Office Large Office Multi Office Call Center
small office large office multi office call center
Under 25 users Up to 1,500 users Regional or global Inbound or outbound
AbovEdge™, the One-Box One-Architecture Communication Appliance, adapts to the way your business operates
An IP phone system as flexible as your company

A Complete VoIP Appliance Solution
With a combination of Distributed or Centralized multi-site stackable IP-PBX; Integrated single box IP-PBX for small office; and VoIP Gateway to VoIP-enable existing PBX or interface to legacy analog or T1/E1/ISDN-PRI telephone interface, or to have a satellite office; AbovEdge™ lets you mix, match and migrate both your network connectivity and handsets – providing you the best value in the industry and ensuring that your investment is always protected. With AbovEdge™ Communication Appliance, you can rest assured that you will be able to stay close to your customers, future-proof your communications system and minimize your total cost of ownership.
Flexibly Fit Your Unique Communications Needs
Flexible Call Handling
AbovEdge™ provides flexible call handling, call routing, and call management to handle calls for nearly any condition. An incoming call can be answered by an operator, Auto Attendant or directly routed to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) answer sequence. Call Management allows users to set functions such as Call Screening by Caller ID or Call Waiting. You can route calls to a designated number thru Call Forwarding, Message Notification, One Number Follow Me. Or Ring them All. Least-cost-routing sends calls via the cheapest Telephone company service using the data preset in the AbovEdge™ server.
Affordable CT Applications
AbovEdge™ is a One-Box communication platform that can be expanded and customized for integrated computer telephony applications at a fraction of cost from the legacy hodge pudge systems. Applications like Interactive Voice Response thru our Application Generator, Virtual Extension, Across Regional Sales assistance, Across Region Conference over VoIP, Land Line and Cell phones, Office Hoteling, and Secretarial Service provide responsive/interactive customer service and the mobility, manageability, flexibility, expandability, and reliability for business communication.

Full Spectrum of Hardware Extends Functionality and Assure Performance
AbovEdge™ provides the interface options for VoIP, T1/E1, PRI/BRI, and Analog trunk lines within the same architecture. The smart infrastructure of AbovEdge™ allows the inter-communication between different types of interfaces (trunk, extension, and VoIP ports). This facilitates a natively integrated Multi-location architecture, WorkAnywhere capability, and Conferences through VoIP, etc., providing best quality of service with assured performance.
Scalability & Easy-Maintenance, Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Easy to Use and Self Administration
Web based remote setup and configuration capabilities allow for easy remote management. Performing common tasks like move, add and change is easy and intuitive. You no longer have to wait for the costly service calls from your PBX provider.
One-Stop Shop for affordability and rock solid reliability
With AbovEdge™, an open system with unique One-Box One-Architecture platform, TeleSynergy is following a strategy of being a One-Stop shop supplier for all of a Small and Medium Sized Business’ communication requirements. Eliminates the finger pointing between the discrete hodge-pudge approach vendors when something goes wrong.
Expandability - Lets You Start Small and Grow
Businesses usually have to throw away their existing equipment when replacing their legacy PBXs with larger-sized or advanced featured legacy systems.
Not for AbovEdge™.

AbovEdge™ allows businesses to own an advanced IP-PBX system with affordable system start up cost. The system can be upgraded from an analog trunk interface to a compound trunk interface (analog, digital and SIP trunk interfaces.) By stacking more boxes, the system can be extended to other locations, expand its capacity to accommodate more than 1000 IP-Phones, With the add-on extended box ES-0030/0624, you can keep using your analog or cordless phones. With full spectrum of hardware extends functionality and complete product line, AbovEdge™ grows with your company and covers every aspect of your business needs.

  • With VoIP, offices in different locations work under one PBX and connect with each other by dialing extension number directly
  • Remote extension for telecommuters/field sales
  • Least-Cost-Routing
  • Supporting FXO, FXS, T1/E1 CAS, ISDN PRI interface options, with full spectrum of hardware extends functionality
  • Affordable and ready-to-use Applications:
    • Virtual Office
    • Office Hoteling
    • Secretarial Service
    • Motel Management System
Hosted PBX
   service/ Managed
   PBX service

Have a taste of the advanced PBX features AbovEdge offered from our Telephone Company partners.

Hosted service

Managed Service

Phone systems
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Companies seeking to integrate voice, data and mobile networks are often frustrated by the hidden costs and poor overall value of their IP PBX investment.
Become a TeleSynergy partner today to help your customers 'Mobilize their business' and 'Synergize their work force' and grow your business more profitably. And remember, please do not feed the bears.