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Small Office Large Office Multi Office Call Center
small office large office multi office call center
Under 25 users Up to 1,500 users Regional or global Inbound or outbound
IP PBX with Call Center Solution in One Box

Self-help IVR Allows Callers to Reach the Specified Service or Person.
Ranging from a small in house call center to a global multiple-region, TelePCX caters to the entire spectrum with a range of capabilities: voice mail, Interactive Voice Response, ACD, Predictive Dialing, auto-attendant, Digital Recording Server, CTI integration, VoIP-enabled call center and much more.

Dramatically increase your sales performance.
-- TelePCX is the most efficient and affordable Predictive Dialing system.
Comparing to a predictive dialer, manually dialing phone numbers wastes over 75% of your sales/agents' working hour.

TelePCX hosts all the contact center solutions you need for now and beyond.   Learn more about TelePCX
Inbound Call Center
An inbound call center faces the difficult task of balancing cost-efficiencies at a small scale with providing a high quality of service. The TeleSynergy solution eliminates the problems of high capital expenditure and training costs. The TeleContact inbound call center can leverage an existing PBX system or build a new call center with minimal investment. The intuitive call center application reduces agent training cost and technical support overheads.  

An inbound call center is suited for companies the need to setup a call center solution at a single location that is independent of other locations. Such companies usually have an internal agent

labor pool and numerous other internal resources that they can draw upon. For example, a healthcare firm can easily train its employees to handle drug information requests and send the right literature.

An inbound call center is also the perfect solution for businesses that require a high level of control over the call center operations and the information that is disseminated. For example, a government agency might need to closely regulate its call center operations.

Outbound Call Center
An outbound call center provides tools for proactive customer contact. TeleContact's outbound dialing module includes predictive and preview dialing, campaign and call list management, automated messaging, scheduling calls and many other features that make agents more productive and enhance the success of outbound contact campaigns.

Telemarketing companies often deploy an outbound call center. A dialer helps automate tasks such as dialing numbers and detecting responses - saving valuable time and agent effort.

The TeleContact outbound call center provides multiple configuration options and choice of dialers. The predictive dialer maximizes agent productivity while the preview dialer ensures an agent is always available to take a call. TeleContact dialers can detect answering machine and fax machine responses and record the status of a call accordingly. Outbound campaigns can be configured to define retry attempts and other parameters. The dialer can also filter numbers in the Do Not Call list automatically.

Call Blending Call Center
Call blending is used to describe a call center in which agents can receive inbound calls as well as make outbound calls. Using TeleContact, administrators and supervisors can assign agents to both inbound and outbound campaigns. This helps to save time on manually shifting agents from one type of campaign to another. Call blending helps to increase agent productivity by minimizing agent idle time.

Call blending is the ideal solution for businesses where the purpose and tone of inbound and outbound calls is similar and compatible.

It is also suited to businesses where there is a precise pattern of peaks and valleys in inbound call traffic, such as infomercials.

Call blending would also be a feasible solution in instances where the length of inbound and outbound calls is complementary.

TeleContact's ACD capabilities are an integral part of the blended call center. Using TeleContact's predictive dialer, the campaign speed is adjusted automatically depending on factors such as agent idle time and call drop rate. In times of slow inbound calls, agents can make outbound calls. Similarly, when inbound calls increase, agents are automatically shifted to the inbound campaign. This helps to increase agent revenue per hour.

Multi-Site Call Center
With its expertise in call center solutions and VoIP, TeleSynergy can help design integrated call center solutions across global locations. By combining the cost-effectiveness of IP telephony with a world-class call center solution, multi-location call centers can benefit largely from economies of scale and a superior customer experience.

Multinational companies with operations in various countries often need a multi-office call center. These companies often have an agent pool at each location. Call center operations can either be managed independently at each location or remotely by a central office.

Companies that setup multi-location call centers also anticipate a lot of growth and changes in their call center operations. For example, more call centers might be set up at new locations or new agents might be added to expand an existing location.

A multi-location call center is also an ideal solution for companies who want to offshore their work to areas with cheaper labor. The remote call center can easily be managed by the headquarters.

TeleSynergy provides an option of various equipments and applications to setup a multi-location call center solution. Multiple locations are connected over the Internet or a VPN to create a fully-integrated call center. Agents at one location can dial an extension to reach agents at a remote location.

Centralized Call Center with VoIP:
At the central location, TelePCX and TeleContact provide contact center management and control facilities. In a centralized mode, a remote location can be setup with agents but no administration capabilities. In this case, an extension client (TIS-EC) is used to setup agents at the remote location. (Remote Office A in the image.)

Distributed Call Center with VoIP:
In a de-centralized mode, a fully-functional call center is setup at the remote location with a multiple extension server (TIS-ME) and an independent pair of TelePCX and TeleContact servers. (Remote Location B in the image.)

Multi-operation Call Center with multi-ACD backup:
In this mode, a fully-functional call center is setup at each location with an independent pair of TelePCX and TeleContact servers. Each server is also replicated at the other location to provide redundancy.

Value Description :

TeleContact provides a powerful and affordable communications solution for designing a call center from scratch or integrating call center capabilities with an existing PBX system. The unique architecture of TeleContact, coupled with the highly flexible underlying PBX system, TelePCX, makes it easy cater to varying degrees of infrastructural call center requirements. A call center equipped with TeleContact provides numerous benefits:

Exploit complete scalability to provide specific call center functions and add more functions as you need them:

  • Integrated ACD with advanced PBX
  • Skill-based ACD with advanced PBX
  • IP-PBX integrated with existing PBX (with or without agent consoles)
  • Call routing to agents at remote call center (with or without agent consoles)

Reduce system startup cost with TeleContact, which is 5 to 10 times less than current market solutions. Use TeleContact as a complete communication solution, which eliminates the need for complex, multi-vendor integration that is required in traditional contact centers. Leverage the unique design environment to easily expand contact center capability.

Reduce cost of ownership by using TeleContact's single point of administration. Reduce the number of technical staff required to operate the contact center. Employ its comprehensive architecture to reduce both system integration and maintenance costs.

Improve customer satisfaction by delivering a personalized and consistent customer experience across all interaction channels. Use skill-based call routing and self-service options to provide customers increased flexibility.

Maximize agent productivity by using the comprehensive agent console, which displays pop ups with detailed call and customer information enabling agents to provide improved service. Train agents to use the soft reader board that continuously displays information about calls on hold and waiting times.

Increase revenue opportunities through TeleContact's rich set of features that allows you to serve current customers better and reach out to new customers. Proactively target your customers through predictive outbound voice and email campaigns. Employ web-based interactions such as web callback, web chat and web collaboration to extend service to online customers, thereby reducing abandoned call rates.

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