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TelePCX is the IP-Enabled Integrated Call Center Server

TelePCX, as an open system with unique all-in-one-box architecture, eliminates all below drawbacks of legacy PBXs. Almost all legacy PBXs need an extra interface to link with CT servers for advanced functions. Without the hand shaking function with CT servers, however, legacy PBXs can't handle incoming calls efficiently. The multi-vendor environments of legacy PBXs may also lead to lots of finger pointing when something goes wrong. Further more, businesses usually have to throw away their existing equipment when replacing their legacy PBXs with larger-sized or advanced featured legacy systems.

TelePCX was designed to allow immediate and simple configuration changes. You no longer have to wait for a costly service call from your PBX provider. The GUI-based "configure & tool" function of TelePCX allow the administrator to add a new user, relocate phone set (extension), set toll restriction, create speed dial list, change extension type, or make system wide changes. System administration has never been easier. In addition the TelePCX provides PBX users with the flexibility of managing their call handling, call routing, and call management to meet their specific communication needs.

Flexible Call Handling
TelePCX provides flexible call handling, call routing, and call management to handle calls for nearly any condition. An incoming call can be answered by an operator, Auto Attendant or directly routed to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) answer sequence. Call Management allows users to set functions such as Call Screening or Call Waiting. You can route calls to a designated number thru Call Forwarding, Message Notification or One Number Follow Me. Auto-least-cost-routing sends calls via the cheapest Telephone company service using the data preset in the TelePCX server. TelePCX allows you to handle calls as your business and employees require. TelePCX provides you with a GUI-based "configure & tool" function that allows you to easily self-maintain and set up the system.

Full Spectrum of Hardware Extends Functionality
TelePCX provides the interface options for VoIP, T1/E1, /PRI/BRI, and Analog trunk lines within the same architecture. By adding PBX cards, you can upgrade your PBX from analog trunk to T1 trunk using the existing system equipment. The smart infrastructure of TelePCX allows the inter-communication between different types of interfaces (trunk, extension, and VoIP ports). This facilitates a unique Multi-location architecture, WorkAnywhere capability, and Conferences through VoIP, etc.

Available Hardware for TelePCX

PBX/Voice Boards
TX-0408 4 trunk lines, 8 extension lines, 12 voice ports
TX-0408i 4 trunk lines, 8 extension lines, 6 voice ports, 2 VoIP ports
TX-0804 8 trunk lines, 4 extension lines, 12 voice ports
TX-1200 12 trunk lines, 12 voice ports
TX-0400s 6 voice ports + 4 trunk lines
TX-0012 12 extension lines, 12 voice ports
LX-0008 8-port Long Haul Extension interface, 8 voice ports
TV-2730 30 voice ports
TV-2760 60 voice ports
TV-27120 120 voice ports
TX-0204i 2 trunk lines, 4 extension lines, 6 voice ports, 2 VoIP ports
Fax Board
TF-9242 4 trunk lines, 4 fax ports
VoIP (I-Phone Gateway) Boards
TV-2604 4 VoIP/FoIP ports
TV-2608 8 VoIP/FoIP ports
TV-2632 32 VoIP/FoIP ports
TV-2635 32 VoIP/FoIP ports and 30 voice ports
T1/E1/PRI/BRI Boards
TV-2882 ISDN-BRI boards, 4 ISDN BRI ports, 8 voice ports
TV-2842 ISDN-BRI boards, 2 ISDN BRI ports, 4 voice ports
TD-52SC T1/E1/PRI boards,1 T1/E1/PRI ports
TD-52DC T1/E1/PRI boards,2 T1/E1/PRI ports
TD-52QC T1/E1/PRI boards,4 T1/E1/PRI ports
TD-52SE T1/E1boards,1 T1/E1ports
TD-52DE T1/E1boards,2 T1/E1ports
TD-52QE T1/E1boards,4 T1/E1ports
Lite Extension Switch
ES-0023 23 Ports Extension Switch
ES-0030 30 Ports Extension Switch
Intelligent VoIP Gateway
MA-0204 2FXO / 4 FXS / 4 VoIP Gateway
MA-0408 4FXO / 8 FXS / 8 VoIP Gateway
MA-5335 T1/E1 VoIP Trunking Gateway
VP-0808 Intelligent VoIP Gateway with Built-In NAT Traversal and Proxy Server
8 FXO / 8 FXS / 8 VoIP Gateway
Fail Over Switch
TB-0032 32 Ports Fail Over Switch
Hosted PBX
   service/ Managed
   PBX service

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Hosted service

Managed Service

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