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In business since 1989, TeleSynergy has an extended list of customers, from very small businesses to companies with over 1000 employees; from banks, insurance companies, to airlines; from cable companies to major phone companies; from government agency, city government, to military institutions; from rubber manufacturer (for cars manufactured in the US,) consumer electronics factory, ERP/application software vendor, to IC fabs; from advertising agency to marketing power house; our systems have been installed on the boat, over the mountain, in the airport control tower, and the 911 call centers.

In the over 26 countries where our systems sold to, many of our customers are the leaders in their respective area, like Pizza Hut, Xerox, Coca-cola, Roche, Avon, Nestle, OgilvyOne Worldwide, AIG, Alico, Synnex, TSMC and UMC, China Airlines, Chunghwa Telecom, and Taipei City government.

With our Global DNA, offices located in the States, Taiwan, China, we have a low embedded cost and support infrastructure our customers have been happily taken advantage of. Our “One Box – One Architecture” core technology and expertise spanning PSTN, legacy circuit switching platform, VoIP, Softswitch, Computer Telephony Integration applications and Contact Center has helped our customers build and achieve an effective and high efficiency communication infrastructure to serve their employees and customers with measurable and high return on investment.

A pioneer in PC-based PBX and front runner in IP PBX total solutions with latest VoIP technologies, TeleSynergy is one of the very few IP communications systems vendors who not only designs and manufactures advanced computer telephony hardware, but also owns significant Intellectual Property with years of experience in developing software based IP-PBX and advanced native IP applications with extensive Telecom experiences in Central Office edge equipments.

We are
  • Communication systems consultant for businesses desire to take advantage of today’s converged IP technology.
  • Hosted service provider, working with phone companies and third party vendors, to provide one-stop communications service.
  • Software developer and provider of advanced office phone system, Computer Telephony Integration platform, ACD/IVR/FOD/Voice Mail applications and Customer Care System solutions.
  • Manufacturer of full spectrum of PBX/voice/fax and VoIP hardware used for our hosted service or sold through our reseller network to be installed at customer premises.
Our mission is to bring affordable communication solutions to help companies communicate more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

The power of ONE
TeleSynergy started up from building IVR and FOD systems in the early business years. Since then, we have progressively pioneered more and more sophisticated products. Today, TeleSynergy develops, manufactures and markets a full spectrum of sophisticated PBX/Voice processing/Fax/Voice Over IP hardware and application software that addresses the total communications needs of enterprise, corporate and small to medium size businesses. Our years of experience allows us to create and produce CTI products and enable businesses worldwide to obtain the most feature-rich, IP-enabled PBX technologies for minimal cost.

TeleSynergy's innovative product provides the mobility, manageability, flexibility, expandability and reliability for today's business communication. Our products has been recognized for excellence in the industry with many prestigious awards including CTI Expo's "Best of Show" awards two consecutive years in a row in 1998 and 1999, "Editor's Choice by CTI Magazine (1999), "Judge's Pick" by CTI magazine (1999), Computer Telephony Expo Fall "Best of Show" (1999), "Product of the Year 1999" by CTI Magazine (1999), Communications Solutions Fall "Best of Show" (2000), "Product of the Year 2000" by Communications Solutions (2000,) "Product of the Year 2001" by Communications Solutions (2001), and “Best of Show Award” at INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference and EXPO Miami 2005.

Hosted PBX
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   PBX service

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Companies seeking to integrate voice, data and mobile networks are often frustrated by the hidden costs and poor overall value of their IP PBX investment.
Become a TeleSynergy partner today to help your customers 'Mobilize their business' and 'Synergize their work force' and grow your business more profitably. And remember, please do not feed the bears.
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