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AdminFree Central provides administrators with a powerful and easy-to-use tool for configuring the system, setting up, changing or deleting users and phones, setting toll restrictions, and making system wide changes. AdminFree Central’s browser-based interface allows you to securely access and manage your AbovEdge™ Communication Appliance solution from anywhere.

AdminFree Central also includes the function for back up your system configuration and voice mail files. With Standard Disaster Recovery Services, key system files are encrypted and transferred nightly to hosted servers, and maintained for a user-defined rolling archive of 2-7 days.

AbovEdge's™ feature packed voice mail system includes full-functioning virtual extensions for key customers, contractors, off-site workers and the mobile workforce.

Easy management and maintenance

Remote setup and configuration

AbovEdge™ provides Web based remote setup and configuration capabilities that allow for easy remote management. Performing common tasks like move, add and change is easy and intuitive.
Less management points
Adopting AbovEdge™, the system administrator only needs to manage the Network between AbovEdge™s in different locations, instead of having to manage the network between all the phone sets in each location.
IP-enabled architecture
AbovEdge™, an IP-Enabled PBX, uses IP to transport calls through the Internet/VPN between corporate sites, employees working at home, and salesmen in the field, while it relies on circuit-switched pho ne wiring for the final loop to those analog phone handsets which sit in the same location. The unique architecture not only waive the heavy investment on LAN/WAN re-construction and IP phone sets, but also release IT people form the heavy load of administer and debug both the voice and data networks at the same time.
Self-help system management
With AbovEdge™, You no longer have to wait for a costly service call from your PBX provider for a tiny change such as to delete an extension number or add an extension. AbovEdge™ provides you with the web-Based Configure & Tool, with which performing common tasks like move, add and change is easy and intuitive.
Dynamically revise system greetings by phone set
To customize or amend the system greetings such as business hour greeting, holiday greeting, simply use the phone set at hand, dial into the AbovEdge™ system, follow the voice prompt to record the new messages on-line.
Basic Disaster Recovery Services
The backup/restore feature lets you save AbovEdge™ system configuration, greeting, voice mail to separate files for safe keeping. If your AbovEdge™ system needs to be restored, you can re-install the AbovEdge™ and then restore all the configuration settings from the backup.
Least Cost of ownership

One-source total solutions, no integration hassle

The multi- vendor environments found in a traditional contact center are becoming increasingly expensive to design, implement and manage. By integrating into All-In-One solution instead of forcing the task on our customers, TeleSynergy lets our customers concentrate on their key business activities rather than technology integration and significantly reduce capital expenditure for new applications.
Multi-level phone set device support
AbovEdge™ system provides a variety of choices for phone sets to fulfill your operations needs: the standard analog phone set, advanced Analog Display Services Interface phone set, IP phone set, on-screen IP-based softphone and on-screen User Console. From large scale companies with hundreds of extensions to specific departments (e.g. help desk, technical support) with 4 or 5 extension users, or SOHOs and remote workers; AbovEdge's™ phone set flexibility can be used in any situation to fulfill communication needs.
Easy and economically new applications added
It is no longer cost prohibitive for small to medium sized businesses to implement new applications and provide responsive/interactive customer service. AbovEdge™ is a One-Box communication platform that can be expanded and customized for integrated computertelephony applications. Applications like Virtual Extension, Office Hoteling and Secretarial Service provide the mobility, manageability, flexibility, and expandability for business communications.
Hosted PBX
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   PBX service

Have a taste of the advanced PBX features AbovEdge offered from our Telephone Company partners.

Hosted service

Managed Service

Phone systems
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Companies seeking to integrate voice, data and mobile networks are often frustrated by the hidden costs and poor overall value of their IP PBX investment.
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