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ReachMe control allows you control which calls reach you while in the office, out of town, in the car or at home. You can even block numbers. You can also route incoming calls to a series of phone numbers and devices, ensuring that you get the message no matter where you are.

We all have multiple roles and relationships in our lives – work, family, friends and self, and each has shifting communications systems, needs and priorities. Wouldn’t it be nice to manage your entire communications universe (your ‘you-niverse’) from a single, simple app that integrated all of your contacts, kept track of your available communication devices and contact methods, and allows you to communicate with the world when, where and how you choose.

Take your office extension with you on the road or at home by having inbound calls to your office routed to your mobile phone, home phone or soft phone on your computer. This lets you stay in touch with important customers without having to give out your cell phone or home phone. For times that you would rather not be reached, simply activate the Do Not Disturb function and incoming calls will be routed to voice mail without ring your phone.

Personal call management

One Number Follow Me

AbovEdge™ performs One Number Follow Me based on the schedule defined by yourself. You can have up to 6 forwarding numbers to be assigned for One Number Follow Me. Five forwarding numbers can be any combination of the extension number, phone number or mobile phone number and one number can be a pager number.

Using the "One Number Follow Me" feature, AbovEdge™ communication appliance keeps the on-the-road employees connected at all time. Across-region call forwarding allows a customer dial the local extension to reach a sales representative on business travel abroad. Based on a set of call forwarding numbers and a forwarding time schedule, any call made to a user’s extension will be forwarded to the destinations pre-set by the user anytime and anywhere. Using this function, no important or urgent call will be missed.

AbovEdge™ also provides a function, call forwarding through the Internet, make All calls reach for extension number 201 will now be forwarded to the destination extension number 502.

Ring All at once
Instead of directing the calls sequentially to your desktop extension, cell Phone , home phone or softphone on your Laptop, you could choose to ring all phones at once. And you can even setup another phone so if all the phones you designated does not answer, the call will be directed to that number, like your secretary or assistant's phone.
Message notification + Boomerang (Caller ID call back)
This function enables the system to automatically notify you that you get a new message by calling an extension number, a telephone number, a mobile phone number or any numbers you set. There are 3 types of message notification, including None, Urgent Message Only and All Messages. If "None" is selected, the system will not send any notification to you. If "Urgent Message Only" is selected, the system will notify you only when caller marks her/his message as an urgent message. If "All Messages" is selected, the system will notify users whenever there is a new message recorded. Furthermore, while you are listening to the message, the “boomerang” function enables you to return all voice messages within a single call. By pressing one key, it will automatic dial the person that left a message.

AbovEdge™ also provides a function, call forwarding through the Internet, make All calls reach for extension number 201 will now be forwarded to the destination extension number 502.

Caller ID screening
Caller ID screening screens the caller who is listed in the caller ID table. If the caller is one of those listed, the system will send it directly to the voice mailbox; if not, the incoming call will start ringing callee’s extension. This feature can also be reverted to screen those calls whose caller ID is not in the list.
Do not disturb
If callee chooses to active "do not disturb" function, AbovEdge™ will announce callee’s extension status as "busy" to the caller and the call will be transferred to auto attendant or voice mailbox. If the caller leaves a message, the Message Notification function will then kick in to alert callee that someone has left a message.
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