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TelePCX wins CTI magazine's Editor's Choice

May , 1999

TeleSynergy, a Taiwanese-based company, recently introduced its TelePCX product to the U.S. market. A PC-based PBX running on the Windows NT platform, TelePCX supports unified messaging via a browser interface.

TeleSynergy is unlike many PC-PBX manufacturers in that they don't use Dialogic, NMS, or Brooktrout hardware. Instead, TeleSynergy actually makes their own hardware, which includes the voice processing, fax, and extension cards. In addition, TeleSynergy ships all of their systems on a TeleSynergy-labeled backplane PC which they OEM from an industrial computer manufacturer. Having all of the hardware provided and serviced from a single manufacturer has obvious advantages, since just one vendor is the single point of contact in the event of a system failure.

TeleSynergy supports 2-, 4-, 8-, 24-, and 32-port voice processing boards, as well as 2- or 4-port fax processing boards. A 4-trunk, 12-extension PBX board as well as a dual T1/E1 interface board are available. Configurations can range as low as a 4-trunk, 12-extension system to as high as a 48-trunk, 96-extension system. Also, included with TelePCX are auto-attendant, voice mail, and enhanced PBX capabilities.

In addition, TelePCX (now in version 2.0) is equipped with a GUI-based application generator called TeleAPG. This application generator makes the TelePCX system one of the most configurable and customizable PC-PBXs on the market today.


The installation, which was wizard-driven from start to finish, was very easy. It even included diagrams of the hardware boards for changing the jumper settings. We had the system up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Our only snag occurred when one of the hardware boards refused to respond. This board, it seems, had been jostled out of its seating in the ISA slot. Presumably the jostling occurred during shipping. Pushing the board in quickly remedied the problem, and the system came up on the first attempt.

We configured the trunks and extensions, and we set up some users via the browser interface, which was very straightforward. We also found it easy to configure the holiday and greeting schedules, which we brought into line with our office hours.


We had mixed feelings about the documentation. On the one hand, the installation guide was very well put together, presenting a clear, step-by-step process for installing the system. The other manuals were also very good in providing descriptive flow charts and plenty of screenshots. Finally, we liked the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, which was very useful.

However, all of the manuals were riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical gaffes, and awkward expressions. Such a sloppy presentation doesn't exactly inspire confidence - in the documentation or the product itself.

We should point out that the manuals were originally written in Taiwanese, so perhaps a poor translation could account for the torments visited upon the English language. Even so, repeated assaults on the English language, however accidental or innocent, create a poor impression

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