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Audio & Desktop Conference
Mobile Extension
Auto Attendant
Voice Mail forwarded to your Email box
Personalized Call Management
Skilled Based Routing
Can your PBX take Skype calls and
register to Google Voice/Ribbit SIP trunks?
Hosted serviceManaged ServicePremise-Based
IP Extensions + See My Desktop = Office Over Internet
A Virtual Office to operate on over the Internet, from anywhere in the world
small office large office multi office call center
Under 25 users Up to 1,500 users Regional or global Inbound or outbound

Do you need to go to the office late at night just to attend the conference call with your overseas branch office? Have you been waked up midnight by your cell phone when you travel overseas? Are you always on the road but do not want to give your cell phone number to anyone? The next generation IP PBX allows you bring your office extension with you, no matter it is IP phone/soft phone or cell phone/home phone. Swap the SIM card while visiting Europe or China and make or receive calls using the local call rate, instead of the high roaming charge. Your customers, colleagues can still reach you by calling the same number you gave them. You can not only save on your monthly phone bill, but also rest assured you have owned a smooth running business tool that could increase your employee’s productivity, provide satisfying customer experience, and help you close more deals.

The Right Office Phone System for Your Business

Many business owners are seeing the power of the global connectivity provided by a VoIP office phone system. It provides the unique calling features that allow each member of your business to have his or her own number, and that number can be dialed directly, rather than put through an operator; The One Number Follow Me feature allows you to specify who and when people can reach you at a particular phone number; The Voice Mail can be sent to your cell phone or your email box so you can see it and listen to it at the right time; The Auto Attendant directs the calls to the right person at a specific hour of the day; Employees could work from home, even at different state, in another country; etc…

Large corporations have been harnessing the power of VoIP for years, but the advantage isn't just for them. Small or medium sized business can now enjoy this technology with help from TeleSynergy. Whatever your office's needs, TeleSynergy can provide the right digital phone system and help you with installation. We always work to minimize the operating and purchase cost for any office phone system while optimizing the features that the system can provide, giving you the best business VoIP phone system for best price.

Furthermore, at TeleSynergy, we know your employees don't need to be wrestling with outdated or difficult technology. They could choose not to spend the time or resources to manage their own digital phone system; or choose only to manage the system, with our user friendly web interface, at the level they would like to or could commit.

Office Over Internet

For almost 20 years, whether it is an airport control tower, a 911 call center, 1-800 service for airline, an infomercial call center, or businesses with 20 locations across the globe, TeleSynergy has been helping businesses grow by improving communications and keep their lifeline connected all the time.

Today, we bring that versatile core technology and our years of field experience further to provide you a virtual office your business could operate upon, on the Internet. With TeleSynergy’s OfficeOverInternet service, you can bring the office to your employees over the internet, no matter where they are.

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