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Dec. 10, 2010, AbovEdge IP PBX Received IPv6 Ready Core Logo Certification

Santa Clara, CA - Dec. 10, 2010 – TeleSynergy, the leading provider of business communication and collaboration solutions, announces that the AbovEdge IP PBX series has passed Chunghwa Telecom IPv6 Laboratory’s tests and received IPv6 Ready Core Logo certification.

All the available IPv4 IP addresses, approximately 4.3 billion, will soon be exhausted. IPv6, the protocol that meets the demands of future networking, services and mobility, provides 2128 (approximately 3.4×1038) unique IP addresses, which is more than enough for every networked device globally. The public Internet is beginning to transition from IPv4 to IPv6 to allow for continuing Internet growth. As the Internet transitions, industries must adopt IPv6 to support future business continuity, growth, and globalization. Applications, services, and devices will need to be upgraded to ensure communication between both address versions.

TeleSynergy IP communications solutions, AbovEdge IP PBX series, already support IPv6, and can be configured for IPv6-only, IPv4-only, or run both IP protocol versions simultaneously. The IPv6 Ready Core Logo certification received shows TeleSynergy's commitment to provide customers with the best technology applications to power up their IP Communication environment.

About TeleSynergy Research Inc.
TeleSynergy is a global leader in Computer Telephony and VoIP office communication technology since 1989, when it made integrated innovations in CTI decades before the IP telephony trend. Telesynergy is also the communication systems consultant for businesses desiring to take advantage of today’s converged IP technology and the Hosted service provider. Working with phone companies and third party vendors, TeleSynergy provides one-stop communications service for the small and medium sized businesses. With multinational offices in 5 cities, clients in over 20 countries, and annual awards in over 5 telecommunication conferences, TeleSynergy is proud to be the provider of the most affordable, customizable, and scalable solution with a powerful one-source, one-architecture, one-box platform that can meet any communications needs.

Please visit for more information, or call 408-470-4700.

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