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May, 1, 2008 TeleSynergy launches the most affordable, scalable, and customizable "One-User-Interface" embedded IP-PBX

Santa Clara, CA - MAY.1, 2008 - TeleSynergy launches the most affordable, scalable, and customizable "One-User-Interface" embedded IP-PBX ,AbovEdge™, that works and grows with any small to medium sized businesses.

In the current PBX market, resellers must buy, learn, and install several product lines with different system architectures for all their different sized end users. With AbovEdge™, resellers instantly gain access to one affordable, scalable product that meets the needs of any SMB; simple web-based graphical user-interface; and pre-configured and customizable templates for quick and easy installations.

"AbovEdge's™ 'stackable' system architecture facilitates its multiple appliances interoperate seamlessly to meet design requirements ranging from small to large sites; from single to multiple or telecommuter sites; from pure IP to IP integrated with legacy phone systems, PBX, or PSTN, from VOIP gateway to full-fledged IP-PBX." Gary Chiou, V.P. of TeleSynergy, comments that "Resellers now only have to deal with one product line with one web-based configuration user interface to manage the IP Telephony solutions end user needs."

Starting from 3 extensions to 1000 extensions, AbovEdge™ has over 800+ features, including Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Call Conferencing, and fully integrated VoIP functionality which instantly creates international and virtual offices where global colleagues can contact each other just by dialing extension number, and office workers can work at home by using IP Phone/ Softphone. Its cost-effective One Box Applications and One Architecture Mix-Match-Migrate platform is future-proof for growing small businesses, multi-site office communications, contact center applications and many other vertical market applications, such as office hoteling, web enabled conference, automatic notification system for medical office, etc.

About TeleSynergy Research Inc.
TeleSynergy is a global leader in Computer Telephony and VoIP office communication technology since 1989, when it made integrated innovations in CTI decades before the IP telephony trend. We design, manufacture, and sell advanced computer telephony technologies and products for the small and medium sized businesses through our resellers network and OEM customers. With multinational offices in 5 cities, clients in over 20 countries, and annual awards in over 5 telecommunication conferences, TeleSynergy is proud to be the most affordable, customizable, and scalable solution provider with a powerful one-source, one-architecture, one-box platform that can meet any communications needs.

We have the experience and expertise necessary to bridge the technology gap with cost-effective and results-driven migration from Legacy to next-generation business communications and applications that will increase business effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity, while decreasing expenses.

Please visit for more information, or call 408-200-9870.

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Companies seeking to integrate voice, data and mobile networks are often frustrated by the hidden costs and poor overall value of their IP PBX investment.
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Santa Clara, CA – Aug.1, 2008 – TeleSynergy Research Inc. unveils a revolutionary TEMPLATE-based IP PBX, AbovEdge™, for telephony resellers serving small and medium sized businesses (SMB).