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TeleSynergy provides the Call Center platform with Overhead Paging System or Auto Paging System.

Feb. 09, 2006

With the message technological development, the Call Center is gradually merging into people’s lives. As the provider of the Call Center Systems, TeleSynergy, taking the responsibility of serving people, tries to promote the products’ competitiveness and increase its function’s completeness in order to satisfy the customers’ increasing demands.

During the period of the Chinese New Year, the train and the plane tickets become the most popular products, and the phone lines of booking the tickets are occupied most of the time. Many people hang up the phone because of spending too much time waiting on the phone. The reason of forming this situation is that the Call Center cannot accurately know how many callers are placed in queue, whether customers waiting time is too long or whether it has an appropriate balance between the calls and the ready agents. After planning and testing in many ways, TeleSynergy, considering those problems, provides Overhead Paging System or Auto Paging System, combining with the Call Center platform, which makes the management become more controllable and system become suitable for using.

In the system, triggers are assigned according to some specific conditions in advance. Whenever the condition specified for a trigger is met, the system will send the message to all resources including trunks, extensions, speakers or the combination of them in the Paging Zone.

The Overhead Paging System or the Auto Paging System can basically solve five different types of problems. First, in the past, the Call Center is not able to inform their agents the number of calls in queue. Not knowing it, the agents would spend too much time processing each phone, increasing the number of waiting calls in queue. As a result, the Overhead Paging System is designed to be able to set the maximum of the waiting calls in queue; as long as the number is over the maximum, the system will be triggered, informing the agents. Second, in the similar situation, if the callers’ waiting time is over the assigned maximum, the system will inform the agents to accelerate the pace of processing calls. Third, when it is time for the agents to login the system but there is no ready agent, the system will be triggered, informing the agent leader or the resting agents to prepare to login the system. This can prevent the situation of having calls without any ready agent to answer. Fourth, in the break of calls, which means it does not need many agents to answer the calls in this period of time, the system can set the minimum of the ready agents. If the number of the ready agents is over the assigned minimum, the system will inform the agent leader or the agents to adjust the condition, avoiding wasting sources. Finally, the system can set the maximum of calls in queue per agent. If the number of calls in queue per agent is over the maximum, the system will be triggered.

To sum up, the Overhead Paging System or the Auto Paging System promotes the traditional Call Center’s intellectual operation and the efficient management of the Call Center.

Through its efforts, TeleSynergy expects to promote the developments of IP technology, IP Call Center and the Customers’ Service digitalized management.

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